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4 Types of Front Doors to Conside

4 Types of Front Doors to Conside

The front door of any residence is the first thing that anyone notices. Therefore, it should be compatible with your aesthetics and personality. Apart from that, a front door is supposed to fit your routine needs. But in case you’re confused about which door to select, this blog is for you. Although many people prefer a Scandinavian front door, there are other types available too. Let’s discover some of these below.

  1. Glass door

This allows the entry of natural light and full visibility of the outdoors. So many shades, sizes and styles are available in glass doors. However, you have to do something to guarantee privacy. This can be done by curtains or installing a double-paned glass door. As opposed to a single-paned glass door, it is more reliable, secure and a great insulator. 

  1. Double door

These are elegant and instantly grab the attention because of their grand appeal and style. Double doors are available in the materials of glass, wood, fibreglass and steel. They’re even available in a blend of these materials. With so much variety, you can select the one which will look perfect for your home. 

  1. Solid wood door

This is by far the most aesthetic door type. It’s also powerful and secure too. The only downsides are that they are comparatively expensive, have the risk of rotting and demand frequent maintenance. Solid wood doors are high-quality insulators. By using wood stain or paint, you can change the entire look and colour of a wood door. This will give an extraordinary entryway to your house. 

  1. Steel door

This offers the best energy efficiency (due to internal core insulation), safety and power. If your place of residence has an extreme climate, a steel door is ideal. Although steel doors have various gauges, the lower gauge is reciprocal to the thickness.