Post-treatment Invisalign Care

Whether or not you have had any treatment, regular appointments are needed to determine that your mouth is healthy. Guaranteeing that oral health and condition are optimum is all you need to avoid the risks of dental conditions in the future. For instance, people who want to go under cosmetic treatment can not do so if they suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, or mouth infection. But if you actively invest in oral hygiene, you will not go through such incidents. 

However, it is even more important to regulate frequent appointments during any dental treatment. It is crucial to properly clean your teeth and mouth in order to ensure maximum dental care. This offers confidence to the dentist and orthodontist because it confirms that your treatment will go smoothly without any issues. 


Oral hygiene

As Invisalign aligners are removable, you can easily practice the daily teeth cleaning routine as instructed by the orthodontist throughout the treatment. A perk of straightening the teeth is that you will be able to clean them better after they are positioned in a healthy place. But the cleaning routine after treatment needs to be tweaked. For instance, if you get a fixed retainer after Invisalign, there is a need for interdental brushes which clean the teeth. Therefore, frequent flossing will not be as effective after getting a retainer. 

Conventional, vivera, positional and fixed retainer are some alternatives. 

Other dental care

After the treatment, all dentistry occurs in the same way. Any dental treatment including Invisalign will not stop the dentist from implementing the majority of treatments as and when needed. The orthodontist is also talented in gum treatment without being prevented by teeth or any fixed retainer situated in the mouth. After any treatment, your doctor will suggest to you some customized post-treatment care which you should follow properly. 

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